Lesson Tag: Geography


The objective is to: 1. Define; Settlement, Urbanization 2. Explain the factors influencing settlements and settlement patterns 3. Account for the distribution of major urban centres in East Africa 4. Explain the growth and functions of selected towns in Kenya 5. Compare and contrast selected urban centres in Kenya with those of other parts of …

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The objective is to: 1. Define population 2. Explain the factors influencing population distribution in East Africa 3. Explain the factors influencing population growth 4. Describe population structure 5. Analyze the consequences of population growth and structure 6. Compare and contrast population trends between Kenya and Sweden 7. Present population data using relevant statistical graphs


The objective is to: 1. Identify types of trade 2. Discuss the factors influencing trade 3. identify major exports and imports of Kenya 4. Assess the significance of trade to Kenya 5. Discuss problems facing trade in Kenya 6. Assess the future of international trade in Kenya 7. Outline the role played by selected trading …

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Transport and Communication

The objective is to: 1. Define; Transport, Communication 2. Identify modes of transport and types of communication 3. Locate the major lines of transport in Africa 4. Outline the role of transport and communication in the economic development of Africa 5. Discuss problems facing transport and communication in Africa and efforts being made to solve …

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Wildlife and Tourism

1. Define; Wildlife, Tourism, Eco-tourism 2. Distinguish between; Game reserves, national parks and sanctuaries, Domestic tourism and international tourism 3. Explain factors influencing; The distribution of wildlife in East Africa, Tourism in Kenya 4. Locate national parks, major game reserves and sanctuaries on a map of East Africa 5. Identify and discuss tourist attractions in …

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The objective is to: 1. Define energy 2. Discuss sources and types of energy 3. Discuss the development of electric power projects in Kenya and Uganda 4. Identify and locate other hydroelectric power projects in Africa 5. Explain the significance of energy 6. Explain the impact of the energy crisis in the world 7. Discuss …

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The objective is to: 1. Define; Industry, Industrialization 2. Explain the factors that influence the location and development of industries 3. Describe types of industries 4. Account for the distribution of industries in Kenya 5. Explain the significance of industrialization to Kenya 6. Discuss the problems of industrialization and suggest possible solutions 7. Compare and …

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Statistical Methods

The objective is to: 1. Draw a simple age-sex pyramid 2. Analyze and interpret age-sex pyramids, dot and choropleth maps 3. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of each method of data presentation

Land Reclamation and Rehabilitation

The objective is to: 1. Define; Land reclamation, Land rehabilitation, 2. Discuss; The factors that influenced the location of the selected irrigation schemes in Kenya, The significance of irrigation farming in Kenya, The problems experienced in irrigation farming in Kenya 3. Describe methods used in land reclamation and rehabilitation in Kenya 4. Compare methods of …

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