My Friend Neema

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Author: Waweru Mwangi
Publisher: East African Educational Publishers
Year: First published 2018
ISBN: 978-9966-56-330-9

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My Friend Neema is a KICD approved levelled reader. This book is approved for Kenya CBC. It is the modern storybook. It is written to cater for learners with different reading abilities, regardless of their Grade. At this level, learners are starting to read more fluently. They are able to read longer sentences without much reliance on pictures to identify words. The focus of the learner at this level is more on comprehension than on decoding. My Friend Neema is a story about two girls called Maria and Neema. They are good friends and they both go to Upendo Primary School. Neema is blind. Her parents want her to stop going to school and stay at home. This is against Neema’s wish. She wants to go to school and play with other children. Her parents decide to hide her in the ridges. Neema is saved by the area chief who says that all children should go to school. She later goes to school like other pupils. This story encourages learners to embrace inclusivity. This book is CBC approved by KICD.

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