Fun with Mathematical Activities Pre-primary 2 Teacher’s Guide

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Author: Patrick Kiswili
Publisher: East African Educational Publishers
Year: First published 2018
ISBN: 978-9966-56-277-7

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Teacher’s Guide

This Teacher’s Guide comprehensively covers the content in the Fun with Mathematical Activities Pre-Primary 2 Pupil’s Book. It provides steps that the teacher is required to follow while teaching Mathematical Activities for Pre- Primary 2. The key features of the Guide include:

  • A comprehensive introduction that covers the following areas:
    • introduction to competency-based curriculum;
    • child-centered learning;
    • handling learners with special needs and
    • methodology of teaching Mathematical Activities at the Pre-Primary level.
  • Background information to each topic, suggested teaching and learning resources for each topic and
  • step by step instructions and additional information that complement the ones in the Pupil’s Book on how to cover each sub-topic and activity.

The author, Patrick Kiswahili, is a teacher and educational publisher with vast experience.

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