Fun with CRE Activities Pre-Primary 2 Teacher’s Guide

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AuthorAnnah Ngila & Edith Ngunjiri
Publisher: East African Educational Publishers
Year: First published 2018
ISBN: 978-9966-56-386-6

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Teacher’s Guide

Fun with Christian Religious Education Activities Teacher’s Guide comprehensively covers the content in the Fun with Christian Religious Education Activities Pre-Primary 2, Pupil’s Book. The aim of this Teacher’s Guide is to assist the teacher in the process of teaching through adoption of interactive approaches to learning. The guide has laid a lot of emphasis on the learner-centred approach of teaching. Key features of this Teachers Guíde include:
  • A comprehensive introduction on how to teach the competency- based curriculum;
  • Skills and values that a learner is expected to acquire by the end of each lesson;
  • A number of teaching resources that should be used by the teacher to make teaching easier;
  • Additional information for the teacher to help the teacher alongside the content in the Pupil’s Book;
  • Answers that the teacher should expect from the learners from the activities in the Pupil’s Book.

The authors Annah Ngila and Edith Ngunjiri, are highly experienced teachers with vast knowledge in teaching at this level.

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