Lesson CHE-106: Air Combustion, Rusting, and Fire Fighting

The objective is to:
1. Name the gases present in air and their proportions
2. Demonstrate the presence of different gases in air
3. Determine the percentage of oxygen in air experimentally
4. Explain the concept of combustion
5. Demonstrate the combustion of different substances in air and analyze the products
6. Describe the application of combustion in real life
7. Classify types of fires according to causes
8. Identify different types of fire extinguishers used to extinguish different types of fires
9. State the components needed to start a fire
10. Classify fire extinguishers according to the chemicals they contain
11. Extinguish small fires using the right types of fire extinguishers
12. Explain the concept of rusting
13. Demonstrate the conditions necessary for iron to rust
14. Describe different methods of preventing iron from rusting