Lesson CHE-105: Matter

The objective is to:
1. Explain the concept of matter
2. Describe the three states of matter
3. Change one state of matter to another
4. Explain the importance of changing one state of matter to another
5. Describe the characteristics of a physical change
6. Demonstrate physical changes of matter experimentally
7. Describe the characteristics of a chemical change
8. Demonstrate chemical changes of matter experimentally
9. Explain the concept of an element
10. Assign names and symbols to chemical elements
11. Differentiate elements from other substances
12. Explain the concept of compounds and mixtures
13. Prepare a binary compound
14. Compare the properties of a compound with those of its constituent elements
15. Explain the concept of mixtures
16. Classify mixtures into solutions, suspensions and emulsions
17. Describe the different methods of separating mixtures
18. Explain the significance of separating different mixtures
19. Separate the components of different mixtures using different methods