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Linear Motion – Sample Lesson

Notes   Types of motion: 1. Linear motion (translational motion) 2. Rotational motion (circular motion) 3. Oscillatory motion (Vibratory motion) Displacement: Distance moved by a body in a specified direction is called displacement. It is denoted by letter‘s’ and has both magnitude and direction. Distance is the movement from one point to another. The Si …

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Lesson PHYS-310: Gas Laws Copy

The objective is to: 1. State the gas laws for an ideal gas 2. Verify experimentally the gas laws 3. Explain how the absolute zero temperature may be obtained from pressure – temperature and volume – temperature graphs 4. Convert Celsius to Kelvin of temperature 5. State the basic assumptions of the kinetic theory of …

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Lesson PHYS-306: Waves II Copy

The objective is to: 1. Describe experiments to illustrate the properties of waves 2. Sketch wave fronts to illustrate the properties of waves 3. Explain constructive interference and destructive interference 4. Describe experiments to illustrate stationary waves

Lesson PHYS-304: Work, Energy, Power and Machines Copy

The objective is to: 1. Describe energy transformations 2. State the law of conservation of energy 3. Define work, energy, power and state their SI units 4. Define mechanical advantage, velocity ratio and efficiency of machines 5. Solve numerical problems involving work, energy, power and machines

Lesson GEO-304: Soils

The objective is to: 1. Define; Soil, Soil profile, Soil catena, Soil degeneration, Soil erosion 2. Discuss the composition of soil and soil-forming processes 3. Describe the properties and characteristics of soil 4. Describe soil profile and soil catena 5. Explain soil degeneration 6. Classify soils according to order 7. Discuss the significance of soils …

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Lesson GEO-305: Agriculture

The objective is to: 1. Define agriculture 2. Discuss factors influencing agriculture 3. Explain types of agriculture 4. Locate major cash crops on the map of Kenya 5. Discuss the selected crops in their respective countries 6. Identify and explain similarities and differences between selected crop farming in Kenya and that of other parts of …

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