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Lesson GEO-107: Minerals and Rocks

The objective is to: 1. Define minerals and rocks 2. State the characteristics of minerals 3. Classify rocks according to mode of formation 4. State the characteristics of rocks 5. Account for the distribution of major types of rocks in Kenya 6. Explain the significance of rocks 7. Identify major types of rocks and their …

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Lesson GEO-108: Mining

The objective is to: 1. Define the term mining 2. Explain the factors influencing; The occurrence of minerals, Mining activities 3. Describe methods of mining 4. Locate major minerals on the map of East Africa 5. Explain the significance of minerals in Kenya 6. Account for problems facing the mining industry in Kenya 7. Explain …

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Lesson GEO-103: Weather

The objective is to: 1. Define the term weather 2. State the elements of weather 3. Explain the conditions necessary for siting a weather station 4. Use instruments to measure elements of weather 5. Analyse and interpret data on weather conditions 6. Describe the structure and composition of the atmosphere 7. Explain factors influencing weather …

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Lesson GEO-104: Statistical Methods

The objective is to: 1. Define the term statistics 2. Identify types and sources of statistical data 3. Identify and describe methods of collecting and recording data 4. Analyse and present statistical data using appropriate graphical methods 5. State the advantages and disadvantages of each method of data presentation

Lesson GEO-105: Maps and Map Work

The objective is to: 1. Define pictures, plans and maps 2. Explain the relationships between pictures, plans, and maps 3. Identify types of maps and their uses 4. Identify and use marginal information on maps 5. Identify types and uses of scales determine distances and areas using scales

Lesson GEO-106: Field-Work

The objective is to: 1. Define the term field-work 2. State different types of work 3. Explain the importance field-work 4. Explain the procedure to be followed during field-work 5. Identify possible problems during field-work 6. Carry out field-work within the local environment

Lesson GEO-101: Introduction to Geography

The objective is to: 1. Define the terms Geography and Environment 2. Describe the branches of Geography 3. Explain the importance of studying Geography 4. Explain the relationship between Geography and other disciplines

Lesson GEO-102: The Earth and the Solar System

The objective is to: 1. Define the solar system 2. Explain the origin of the earth 3. Explain the effects of rotation and revolution of the earth 4. Describe the structure of the earth

Lesson BUS-107: Home Trade

The objective is to: 1. Explain the meaning and importance of trade 2. Classify trade 3. Explain the forms of home trade 4. Discuss the types and functions of retailers 5. Discuss the types and functions of wholesalers 6. Describe the documents used in home trade 7. Explain the means of payment used in home …

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Lesson BUS-106: The Office

The objective is to: 1. Explain the concept of an office 2. Explain the functions of an office 3. Discuss the various office layouts 4. Explain the uses of various office equipment 5. Discuss the role of filing in an office 6. Discuss the duties of various categories of office staff 7. Describe essential qualities …

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