Derick Charles Lugaye

My Name is Derick Charles Lugaye

I am a microsoft innovative educator fellow, Microsoft innovative educator expert, Microsoft certified educator, a 313/2 examiner with the Kenya National Examinations Council, Edutech implementation specialist, learning designer, Edutech integration facilitator at teacher conferences, a resident Kiswahili educator at Nova Pioneer Tatu City Girls in Kenya, an e-online instructor at Darasa Online, co-founder of Kenyan MIE teachers professional learning network, Wakelet ambassador, Flipgrid ambassador, Swahili content creator and author, Swahili blogger, and English to Swahili content translator.


Edutech Implementation in Teaching and Design

Teacher Professional Development Facilitator

Swahili, Religious Studies, Global Perspectives and Global Citizenship Educator

Assessment for Learning and Assessment in Learning Specialist

Swahili Content Creator, Author and Blogger

Learning Design Specialist


Kenyatta University, Nairobi
Bachelor of Education Arts (Swahili and Religion)
Sept 2012 to July 2016
Kenyatta University, Nairobi
Certificate in Leadership and Mentorship
Jan 2015 to July 2016
Chavakali High School
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
Jan 2008 to Nov 2011
Musunji Primary School
Kenya Certificate of Primary Education
Jan 2000 to Nov 2007

Professional Courses.

Wesleyan University
Social psychology
May 2020
University of Toronto
Communication strategy for a virtual age
May 2020
University of Colorado
Teamwork skills
May 2020
University of Cape Town
Becoming a change maker
May 2020


Learning Design
Kiswahili Instructor
Learning Design